tablescaping, scrapbooking, cooking and so much more

tablescaping, scrapbooking, cooking and so much more

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By George I think I´ve Got It

Finally…..after weeks of staring at the box and then more weeks of staring at the machine, I finally overcame my fears and learned how to use my new serger machine!   The Serger Saga   Earlier this year, I purchased a serger/Overlock Machine. I brought […]

An Elegant Halloween

  Halloween…… I checked the claender today, I have now been living in Germany for 28 Years!!!!!!!!!!!! 28 Years ago, the germans looked at me as if I was from Mars when I talked about Halloween. You should have seen their faces when I started […]

3 Girls and their Mom

Recently I contacted by to try one of their products. Lucky me! I immediately went through my pictures and quickly decided on a photo of my mom and her girls….  the photo was taken at my niece´s wedding and it turned out to be […]

Fall is in the air

It is hard to belive that fall is already upon us. My mom used to say that time was flying by and I would think to myself, is she crazy? And yet here I am 50 years old and I sound just like my mom…..time […]

White Dinner

In a few weeks, the Ronald McDonald House where I volunteer will host a White Dinner…..this inspired me to set a “white Dinner” tablescape…. Enjoy!                       Sharing this tablescape with you at Between Naps on […]

Hats for Babies………

As many of you know, I volunteer at the Ronald MacDonald House in Berlin-Wedding. I help out by, cleaning apartments, cooking dinner on Thursday nights and my favorite tasK: Breakfast on Tuesdays (even if it means getting up at 4:30 am to get there on […]

Lavender Sugar

Last year I splurged and bought a really expensive lavender plant…….and this year I was lucky enough to harvest some and make Lavender Sugar. After harvest, my next stop was finding instructions… Google brought me to She has a wonderful post about lavender sugar […]

Gone Fishing………

Gone Fishing………

  Oh how I love Blog Hopping! This is my third blog hop and I have to admit, it almost did not happen……this is a hetic time for me, as I work in a “Eis Manufaktur”–translated I make ice cream and it is summer so […]

REd..WHite…BLue in Berlin….

Only 169 Days till Christmas……. But first, a little patriotic flair in the Herbers house this week…..   Vases……from my niece Heidi´s Wedding The red table runners com from one of my favorite stores in Cloppenburg…. The gift bags came from Ikea…….long long ago, but […]

Celebrating the month of July……..

The month of July is an important month in my family…….many birthdays and anniversarys. But this year is a litte more special than most years. You see, my sister turned 60 on the 4th and I will be turning 50 soon. Before I go on […]