tablescaping, scrapbooking, cooking and so much more

tablescaping, scrapbooking, cooking and so much more

By George I think I´ve Got It

Finally…..after weeks of staring at the box and then more weeks of staring at the machine, I finally overcame my fears and learned how to use my new serger machine!


The Serger Saga


Earlier this year, I purchased a serger/Overlock Machine. I brought it home, unpacked it and stared at it for weeks, completely intimated and scared. When I finally got up the courage, I signed up for a private lesson to learn how to use the machine.  It did not go well, as it turned out the machine was not working properly. Bummer. I had my husband call the company to find out what I should do. Lucky me, the company refunded us the money and I was able to buy a new machine. THis time I consulted my niece, who sews a lot more than I do and she suggested I purchse the “W6 454D” Machine. (The first machine was not easy to work or understand)

And then it arrived, this big box from Amazon. I am pretty sure the box sat there in the kitchen unopened for about a week. I could tell you  it was due to the fact that I was working a lot and did not have time, but that would be somewhat of a fib! I really was concerned, that I would not get the thing to work. (Oh heck..scared was more like it!)



Finally I did carry the box upstairs and unpacked the serger….looked so pretty sitting on my sewing table. For weeks, my husband would ask me if I had tried the machine out. I always had enough exuses as to why I had not turned on the machine. That ended yesterday…



So happy! The headband is my first offical project that I made with my serger. Did you notice the material? Can you guess what I do for my day job? That´s right, I make ice cream! Some say the best they have ever tasted!!!!! I picked green material because that is the main color of the ice cream parlor. If you are ever in  Berlin Germany, be sure to check us out.  We have two locations: Dolci Eis Lounge im Mühlenberg Center Berlin or Dolci Eis Lounge in Teltow