tablescaping, scrapbooking, cooking and so much more

tablescaping, scrapbooking, cooking and so much more

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My Sweet Valentine

Happy Valentines DAy 2018   I have to admit something…..valentines day is my least favorite holiday. It is, it really is! All that forced lovey, dovey crap…NOt my world. BUT, I do truly love to set a Valentines Day Table. The colors…reds-whites-pinks, I really like […]

A Christmas in Pink

A Christmas in Pink

Happy Belated Holidays to Everyone! Yes, it is already the 25th of January…… it never ceases to amaze me at what speed time seems to be flying by me..  My plans for the holiday season had been to just chill and relax, but instead we […]

White Dinner

In a few weeks, the Ronald McDonald House where I volunteer will host a White Dinner…..this inspired me to set a “white Dinner” tablescape…. Enjoy!                       Sharing this tablescape with you at Between Naps on […]

Waiting for Spring……..

Spring…what does spring mean to you? For me, spring marks then end of my deep winter sleep! A time to come of out hibernation. I get itchy to leave the confines of the house and move into our outdoor living space. My tastebuds are ready […]

Love is in the air………

Happy Thursday morning Everyone.. and Happy Ground Hog Day! I had to chuckle this morning….I was in the car on the way home from my early swim when the radio announcer mentioned that today is Ground Hog Day in America (I live in Germany, so […]

Ringing in a golden year

Happy Friday Everyone, todays tablescape was one I threw together for New Year’s Eve….. Even though we did not have a large celebration, I just could not resist creating just one more gold table. My favorite part of my holiday tables are all the bulbs I […]

Shades of Green

Color of the Year 2017 is PANTONE…..a pretty shade of green!! You betcha…this inspired me to create a tablescape with green being the primary color! How lucky am I, that I just happen to have a beautiful green tablecloth and of course my lovely green […]

Let it Snow…Let it Snow

It is snowing in Kleinmachnow…..yes we are finally getting some snow. Now for my fellow germans, we got a lot of snow, but for this Illinois Girl it was a nice start…but by far not enough!!!!! On days like this, I tend to sit at […]

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 Tablescaping has truly become a passion of mine. This year I hoping to publish my first book of tablescapes. Since I live in Germany, the book will be written in german by a friend of mine.  This past week I tackeled the task of putting […]

Christmas Tablescape……Take 2

The Christmas 2016 Season maybe over, but I still have some tablescapes to share with you. This one was co-created with my son Mike. He is our up and coming cinematographer and has a great eye for color. This whole tablescape began with a Santa […]