tablescaping, scrapbooking, cooking and so much more

tablescaping, scrapbooking, cooking and so much more

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Holiday Open House

Holiday Open House

  It most certainly can not be that, Christmas is just around the corner…..but the calender tells me otherwise… is telling me that Christmas 2017 is here and is waiting to be celebrated! Here is a tiny glimpse into my Christmas Wonderland……   Every kitchen […]

An Elegant Halloween

  Halloween…… I checked the claender today, I have now been living in Germany for 28 Years!!!!!!!!!!!! 28 Years ago, the germans looked at me as if I was from Mars when I talked about Halloween. You should have seen their faces when I started […]

Fall is in the air

It is hard to belive that fall is already upon us. My mom used to say that time was flying by and I would think to myself, is she crazy? And yet here I am 50 years old and I sound just like my mom…..time […]

White Dinner

In a few weeks, the Ronald McDonald House where I volunteer will host a White Dinner…..this inspired me to set a “white Dinner” tablescape…. Enjoy!                       Sharing this tablescape with you at Between Naps on […]

Hats for Babies………

As many of you know, I volunteer at the Ronald MacDonald House in Berlin-Wedding. I help out by, cleaning apartments, cooking dinner on Thursday nights and my favorite tasK: Breakfast on Tuesdays (even if it means getting up at 4:30 am to get there on […]

Celebrating the month of July……..

The month of July is an important month in my family…….many birthdays and anniversarys. But this year is a litte more special than most years. You see, my sister turned 60 on the 4th and I will be turning 50 soon. Before I go on […]

Homemade Marshmellow Fluff

A question that I have often asked myself in the 28 years that I lived in Germany……is how do I make it myself. REcently I was on the hunt to make my owm marshmellow fluff. NOw, you can get the stuff in germany…it does not […]

Felix receives his first holy communion

A very important sacrement in the catholic church is First Holy Communion. I am almost 50 years old, and I still remember my first holy communion. I received many special gifts, but the one that stands out till this day, is the gift Tante Paula […]

Run For Respect 2017

It is that time of year again…….time to put out the word to end the word…….time to bring awareness to the fact that our handicapped, be it mentally or physically need to be treated with the respect they deserve. My alma mater….Pontiac Township HIgh School […]

Broadway meets Lion King

Time to go Blog Hopping Again……I had such a good time the last time when we all created a spring tablescape, that I really could not wait for the Broadway HOp! NOw I have to admit something to you all, I had a million ideas….Phantom […]