tablescaping, scrapbooking, cooking and so much more

tablescaping, scrapbooking, cooking and so much more

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Ham and Cheese Roll with Curry Dip As many of you of you know, I am a volunteer at the Ronald MacDonald House Berlin Wedding. Once I go and volunteer for 3 hours…..doing all sorts of stuff, from cleaning apartments to cooking for the families […]

Outdoor Cooking………summer is almost here!

So, ready for summer? I so am…….totally have cabin fever…. It is not quite warm enough to sit outside, but it sure is warm enough to enjoy outdoor cooking on the grill! (Okay, who am I kidding we truly never stopped using the grill….) The […]

Little bites of heaven…….

Good Morning Everyone, I am writing my post Sunday Post this morning, as I am on my to Hamburg to see the Lion King on stage! Friday Evening, our neighbors came for over dinner…….finally! We have all been either out with the flu, or busy […]

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New Recipe Sunday is finally back! We are ready to take on 2015! Please forgive the delay…..the flu took over my house and we are now finally all back to normal. For our first recipe this year…I would like to share with you all something […]

A new take on Pizza

So, I am checking my facebook page the other day and I find this incredible recipe posted…….  OMG….it looked so good….I just  had to try it…. Even the family liked it……..which means it really is good.. Pull Apart Pizza You can find the recipe over […]

Rolls and Mushrooms……

This Sunday I would like to share with you all not one, but two recipes. The first one is for all you THermomix Fans out there: Spelt Flour Rolls.The second recipe is for all you veggie fans out there: Grilled Portobell Mushroom Burgers Spelt Flour […]

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Happy Sunday Everyone! I am just done with the kitchen…..Thanks to my thermomix we had a great dinner……even got the cats seal of approval. You will understand more when you see the pictures.  I was just in the process of taking some pictures for the […]

Mango Salsa….YUMMY

Okay, so last night I was craving some mango salsa (and no I am not going to have a baby…. 🙂 I have made mango salsa in the past, but of course  can not find the recipe when I want it. So, after a quick […]

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So I finally get around to trying out this recipe for homemade coffee syrup that I found online long ago. So easy……  1. you boil one cup water and one cup sugar. Bring to a boil and reduce heat.  2. for the carmel version, you […]

Grandma Jean´s Potato Salad

It´s midnight here in Berlin…..the jet lag is doing its job very well and I am wide awake! So, I thought I would take advantage of the time and share with all of you a new recipe… While I was visiting my sister in Chicago, […]